Can these apparently insignificant little scraps of paper really allow me to discover the whole of Slovenia? They can indeed, which is why we invite you to join us on a journey around Slovenia with the help of postage stamps.Stamps are more than just insignificant little scraps of paper. They are great stories and works of art in miniature. By issuing postage stamps, we aim to present our country through its natural, cultural and historical heritage and commemorate deserving individuals and important anniversaries. The more you know about an individual stamp, the more stories you will be able to read from it. The more closely you look at an attractive stamp design, the more it will be able to tell you.Are you interested in history? Can you list the achievements of Slovene industrial design? Are you a connoisseur of good food? Do you enjoy discovering the beauty of the natural world and protected landscapes? Are you familiar with Slovenia's diverse fauna? Did you know that Slovenia contains rich underground worlds, functioning watermills and sites rich in fossil mammals?You will find the answers to all of these questions on postage stamps. Enter the world of stamps and other philatelic products such as year packs, thematic sets, philatelic and numismatic sets, etc. ​





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