​Publication is an item consisting of a book, newspaper, magazine and other printed forms of periodical published on a regular basis and containing editorially-tailored content.

The size of the publication must comply with the conditions set out for ordinary letters. Publications may be addressed, partially addressed or unaddressed.

Business users

Addressed Publication

Addressed publication must display the complete addressee's address. It may not exceed the weight of 10kg.

Partially Addressed Publication

Partially addressed publication must bear the addressee's address without the recipient's and/or company name and title. It may not exceed the weight of 2kg.

Unaddressed Publication

Unaddressed publication may not display the addressee's address or exceed the weight of 2kg.

Special features

Publications may include a printed insert as long as this insert satisfies all the conditions outlined below

  • Bears the same name as the publication
  • Has the same publisher as the publication
  • Its printing, form and type of paper are the same as that of the publication
  • Its content and that of the publication are related
  • Forms a constituent part of the publication and is inserted in the individual publication.

Other printed or non-printed inserts may only be inserted in the publication according to the conditions agreed between Pošta Slovenije and the customer.


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