Hitra Pošta International Express Mail is the fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use international letter and parcel express service for your urgent international shipments.

We deliver worldwide speedily and securely using the global network of UPS, the largest express carrier and package delivery company in the world and a leading provider of specialised transportation and logistics services.


Letters containing documents may not have their value declared and the automatic insurance does not apply to them. The maximum declared value of a parcel can amount to 4,200.00 EUR. Each parcel is automatically insured up to the amount of the declared value, provided that it does not exceed the amount of 4,200.00 EUR.

Track & Trace

All shipments are barcoded, allowing you online tracking of the delivery status of your shipment.

For Hitra Pošta International Express Mail letters, time-certain delivery by noon can be ordered for some major cities worldwide.

Pošta Slovenije is entitled to refuse to accept as International Express Mail any shipment

  • Containing food products, live animals, gold, precious stones, jewellery, medicines (with the exception of EU Member States), cash and other means of payment, pressurized containers and lighters.
  • Containing dangerous items that may cause damage to other mail items, postal equipment of personnel.
  • Addressed to a P.O. Box (P.O. Box, Postfach, Case postale, Postbus, Apartado Correos, Apartado Postal) and Poste Restante shipments.

International Express Mail Service (EMS) to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia

EMS shipments to these countries can be posted at any postal outlet across the country either as a letter (documents only) or as a parcel (goods which may be accompanied by documents).

IMPORTANT! All goods have a certain VALUE, including gifts or samples.

EMS shipments may not contain

  • Food products, live animals, gold, precious stones, jewellery, medical supplies, cash and other means of payment, pressurized containers and lighters.
  • Dangerous items which can cause damage to other shipments, postal equipment or personnel.

Use an appropriate box or other packaging matching the nature of your postal item. Upon posting, you will be asked to complete the EMS Dispatch Note for letters and parcels and to produce three (3) copies of the invoice or delivery note.

Delivery Aims

The EMS delivery aims specified below do not provide a guaranteed time-certain delivery (they are expressed in days where D stands for the day of posting) and do not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

  • Zagreb D + 1;
  • Other destinations in Croatia D + 2;
  • Montenegro D + 2;
  • Macedonia D + 2;
  • Serbia D + 2;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Zones 1 (Sarajevo), 2* in 3** D + 2;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Zone 4*** D + 3.

* Zone 2: Bihac, Gorazde, Jablanica, Konjic, Kladanj, Mostar, Olovo, Travnik, Tuzla, Visoko, Zenica, Zivinice.

** Zone 3: Banovici, Blazuj, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Petrovac, Breza, Bugojno, Fojnica, Cazin, Celic, G. Vakuf, Gracanica, Gradacac, Hadzici, Ilidza, Ilijas, Kakanj, Kalesija, Kljuc, Lukavac, Maglaj, Potoci, Sanski Most, Srebrenik, Teocak, Tesanj, Vares, V. Kladusa, Stari Vitez, Novi Travnik, Vogosca, Zavidovici.

*** Zone 4: Jajce, Mrkonjic Grad, Sipovo, Kiseljak, Sokolac, Pale, Vitez, Busovaca, Rogatica, Visegrad, Foca, Doboj, Usora, Teslic, Derventa, Bosanki Brod, Modrica, Srebrenica, Brcko, Bosanki Samac, Orasje, Odzak, Bijeljina, Banja Luka, Bosanska Gradiska, Prijedor, Bosanski Novi, Tomislavgrad, Drvar, Siroki Brijeg, Posusje, Citluk, Medugorje, Capljina, Ljubuski, Grude, Stolac, Neum, Prozor, Trebinje, Bileca, Gacko.

Size and Weight Limits

Shipments may not weigh more than 30kg and measure more than 150cm for any one dimension or 300cm for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than that of length.


The EMS service offers a call-and-collect facility available in the following cities: Celje, Koper, Kranj, Ljubljana, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica and Novo Mesto.


To order a pick up, simply call us toll-free at 080 1400. Your shipment will be collected within 30 minutes of the booking time.

Regular daily collection or on-demand collection by the postman from your own or some other address can be arranged upon prior agreement.

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