​ A postal card is any rectangular postal item made of cardboard or paper stiff enaugh not to make the handling difficult.

Postal cards designed for mailing in Slovenia must bear on the front the heading "Dopisnica". For international postcards the heading is "Postal card".

The front is also reserved for affixing postage stamps or other indications of postage prepayment.

The right-hand half at least of the front must be reserved for the address. The addressee's address must be written correctly and legibly. Postal cards not complying with this requirement are treated as ordinary letters.

The category of postal cards also includes picture postcards. A picture postcard is any rectangular postal item, made of cardboard or paper heavy enough to be sufficiently stiff to withstand processing that complies with the weight and size restrictions for a postal card. Postcards failing to satisfy the conditions set out for this category are treated as ordinary letters.

Size and Weight Restrictions

  • Minimum size: 90mm x 140mm
  • Maximum size: 120mm x 235mm
  • Maximum weight: 20g

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