​Pošta Slovenije has its own Ljubljana-based freight forwarding agent representing ultimate consignees and consignors of postal shipments subject to customs procedure throughout Slovenia.

Postal Forwarding Agency services include

  • Customs representation in imports and exports
  • Completion of the customs procedure with economic impact
  • Organisation of the inspection control
  • Preparation of various claims and declarations
  • Completion and validation of the prescribed forms
  • Delivery of samples to labs
  • Insurance of goods
  • Collection of goods abroad
  • Organisation of the transport (road, air, sea)
  • Shipment entry to the customs warehouse
  • Preparation of the order form for the shipment removal from the warehouse
  • Temporary import or export guarantees
  • Advancement of the regular import procedure costs – guarantee
  • Urgent customs clearance Local clearance – export
  • Intrastat


Customer business hours are Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm, except for holidays (Saturdays and Sundays: closed).

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