Coronavirus COVID19 – International mail update

Article date: 30.03.2020

The restrictive measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the general situation around the world as a result of the outbreak and spreading of SARS-Cov2 (also known as Covid-19), have also impacted the international postal operations. Postal operators around the globe are trying to follow all the safety measures, introducing among others various contact-free delivery options to keep their customers and staff safe.

Pošta Slovenije continues with its efforts to maintain the international mail transport wherever possible. However, due to the increasing number of cancellation of flights and in some cases airport closures, this is extremely difficult.

Therefore, there is a possibility that due to the force majeure situation the acceptance of international mail will be partially or fully suspended.

The list of countries for which the acceptance of international letter and parcel post has been temporarily suspended is available here.

We will keep you updated, so please follow our website for more up to date information.

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