Changes on 1 January 2021

Article date: 01.01.2021

On 1 January 2021, a Universal Postal Union requirement will enter into force under which electronic capture of all shipping data will be mandatory for all goods shipments, prior to or upon posting and the exchange of data between postal operators.

The change requires that shipments containing goods sent outside of the EU must be equipped with an eCN23 form (electronic customs declaration form) that contains a detailed description of the contents of the shipment. Pošta Slovenije will also use eCN23 forms for shipments sent within the EU, but with a shorter list of required data.

Pošta Slovenije has arranged the labelling of international shipments for its users via the IMPORT-EXPORT web portal. This allows the sender to create their own eCN23 form upon the entry of their data. The sender can decide whether to print the form themselves (receive it at their email address or download it from a web browser), or choose to print the form at a postal counter (for which they require only a confirmation code, which they receive together with the CN23 form) and submit it upon posting the shipment.

Senders that use Pošta Slovenije’s posting systems will automatically be directed to the form when they select “international goods shipment”.

To this end, Pošta Slovenije has also amended its General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Universal Postal Services and General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Other Postal Services, which shall apply from 1 January 2021 on.

The articles of the general terms and conditions containing provisions on the labelling and sealing of shipments, prohibited content of shipments and sender’s obligations, types of damage for which the service provider is liable, service provider’s obligations, etc., have also been amended.

The significant changes to the general terms and conditions relate to the classification of shipments depending on their content.

As in the past, you will be able to send parcels, Express Mail parcels and value-declared business letters, while letter services are now being divided into two groups, as follows: - letter services for shipments containing documents and correspondence, and - letter services for shipments containing goods.

In order to make all of the changes more clear, we have also changed the price list for domestic and international mail and divided them into four categories: 

  • letter mail 
  • goods shipments 
  • Express Mail 
  • other services under other postal services

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