Capture your personal and business life's most precious moments and surprise the recipients of your mail by sending mailings with your own real postage stamps. Your custom photo stamp is just a few steps away.

Share your life's most treasured moments with your friends and family in a creative way.

Do you have an important event in your life coming up? Why not surprise your family and friends by adding a personal touch to your invitations?

Personalised stamps are a great and unique way to celebrate life's most treasured moments and events such as birth, marriage, celebration of the 50th or any other birthday.

About Personalised Stamps

Personalised stamps come as sheets of pre-printed frames containing stamp elements such as A-, B-, C- or D-rate indication, inscription "Slovenija" and Pošta Slovenije's logo (posthorn) with the stamp design area left unprinted.

The photographic images supplied by the customers are then printed onto the blank design area within these frames.

How to order Personalized Stamps

1. Online

Through a special easy-to-use online software currently available in the Slovene language only following these simple steps

  • Select an event or occasion you wish to share with others and upload a sharp and well-defined digital photo or some other artwork of your choice
  • Create your own stamp – choose from on of our many frames, coming in a choice of six different colours (yellow, blue, green, grey, white and red) for five various occasions (birthdays, invitations, celebration of the 50th birthday, love, congratulations, New Year and Christmas) both for portrait and landscape photos as A-, B-, C- and D-rate stamps.
  • Payment: by Credit Card, Moneta, Voucher, bank transfer to our bank account or through a credit facility (for companies).
  • Delivery: your order will be delivered to your address or to the delivery address provided by you within a maximum of 14 business days of receipt of your order.

Please note that the stamps ordered are sent only to the customer placing the order and are not available for general sale at postal outlets to any other collectors or customers.

2. By E-mail to:

To order, please provide

  • A sharp and well-defined photo to be depicted on the stamp (JPG format, maximum size: 500 KB, size: 32mm x 25mm or vice versa)
  • Your details (address and tax identification number) or tax identification number and company registration number (business customers)
  • How much stamps you wish to order
  • The colour and type of the selected frame
  • You will also need to confirm that you have read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions for ordering personalised stamps.

3. By having your photo taken at the 2117 Maribor postal outlet in the Europark Shopping Centre in Maribor or by bringing along a photo you have taken yourself on an electronic medium.


Pre-printed Stamp Sheets

  • Stamp size: 42mm x 35mm or 35mm x 42mm
  • Colour frame with stamp elements: 5mm
  • Design area for the personalised stamp: 25mm x 32mm or 32mm x 25mm
  • Number of stamps per sheet: 20 Paper: self-adhesive paper Tullis Russel 8PSA 1008/L
  • Perforation: serpentine die-cut
  • Printing: up to 4-colour (frames)
  • Stamp paper supplier: Joh. Enschedé, Netherlands.



  • Acceptable image file: JPG
  • Acceptable image file size: 500 KB
  • Colour photo or 4-colour artwork
  • Printing: 4-colour digital printing
  • Design printing house: Smatros d.o.o., Ljubljana.

Order Supply

Your order will be fulfilled within 14 business days from the written confirmation of the receipt of your order. Orders are accepted and delivered on business days only (holidays and Sundays are excluded).


Contacts ​​​

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