Coronavirus COVID19 – Changed post office opening hours

Article date: 29.03.2020

In order to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections and protect its employees, Pošta Slovenije has adopted additional measures. In line with these measures, we advise users of our services to go to the post office only when urgently necessary.

As a result, the opening hours of all post offices have been reduced. The majority of post office branches are open from 9 am to 3 pm, and in some cases from 9 am to 11 am. Post offices are temporarily closed on Saturdays, and on-duty post offices are also be closed.

The updated post office opening hours are available in Post office finder and mobile app.

Pošta Slovenije has further temporarily suspended the provision of certain non-core services at postal counters, but continues to collect and hand over the mail and provide banking and payment services.

When visiting the post office, please follow the health protocols and the new rules limiting the number of people allowed to enter post offices. The number of people allowed to enter postal facilities is now equal to the number of postal counters operating at that time, and you are requested to maintain the recommended safe social distance. If all of the open postal counters are occupied, please wait in line outside the entrance, and again please maintain the recommended safe social distance. Should it be necessary, post office staff will regulate the number of people entering the post office.

Also, to guarantee the safety of our customers and staff, customers are requested to keep safe distance to our delivery staff also during the mail delivery at home.

You can monitor the current situation and any changes on our website, where we will continue to post the latest updates on the situation regarding mail delivery.