Coronavirus related measures

Article date: 30.03.2020

Pošta Slovenije introduces additional measures due to the spread of the coronavirus related to mail delivery.

From Monday, 16 March 2020 the provision of various postal services has been adjusted  and does not require visiting the post office or personal contact with our delivery staff.

For letters delivered pursuant to special laws (such as civil procedures, criminal procedures, etc.) which are required to be delivered in person with the addressee’s or authorised party’s signature, the letter carrier will deposit a note listing the options for picking up the letter at a post office in the addressee’s letterbox.

The majority of such letters are delivered pursuant to the General Administrative Procedure Act (ZUP) and the Civil Procedure Act (ZPP), under which if the addressee does not pick up the letter at the post office, the post office may, after the expiry of the deadline for pickup at the post office, deliver the letter to the addressee’s letterbox without confirmation of receipt. Pošta Slovenije therefore advises its customers not to pick up ZUP and ZPP letters at the post office unless it is an emergency, as those letters will be delivered to their letterboxes after the expiry of the deadline.

Pošta Slovenije furthermore advises its customers that until further notice, in order to minimise personal contact when delivering parcels, its business customers,  in particular online retailers, use online payment options and as much as possible avoid using special services such as Cash on Delivery (COD), Advice of Receipt (AR) and Proof of Delivery (POD). 

Additionally, Pošta Slovenije calls on online customers and retailers to seek alternative forms of online payment and alternative delivery locations for online sales. For parcel deliveries, customers will be notified that they should choose alternative forms of delivery that do not include physical contact (signature) and pick up their parcels at an agreed location, e.g. at the entrance to their building, or order deliveries to be made to parcel lockers. 

Pošta Slovenije also advises retailer to obtain the customer’s mobile phone number for online orders in all cases. Our delivery staff will then call the customer prior to delivery, or the customer will be able to use the MDMI (My Delivery, My Choice) app and thus have the option of changing the delivery location and town. 

Certain services, such as delivery/pickup of goods at the addressee’s residence, etc., will not be available until further notice. 

Additionally, Pošta Slovenije advises all inhabitants, customers and business partners not to visit the post office or use postal services unless it is urgently necessary. When visiting the post office, please adhere to the prescribed rules for entering post offices relating to the number of people allowed entry. The number of people allowed to enter the post office is equal to the number of postal counters operating at that time.

Over the coming days, Pošta Slovenije expects that in certain cases it will have to reduce the opening hours of post offices or direct customers to other post offices. All such changes will be posted at the entrances to the post offices and on Pošta Slovenije’s website.

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